Fighting to Get a Facebook Word in with CNBC

An oldie but goodie from May 26, 2010.

I was invited onto CNBC to talk about Facebook, and ended up fighting to get a word in with the raucous CNBC crew, who clearly have fun at their jobs.

1 thought on “Fighting to Get a Facebook Word in with CNBC

  1. Daniel Kuperman

    Dennis Neil: “I guarantee you, they are not going to grow for the next three years the way they’ve grown for the past three years, this is mathematically all but impossible”. WOW. Does he even have a Facebook page or know what Facebook is?

    That was fun to watch, Ryan. It’s tough when you are talking to people that have no idea what the space is about or what even Facebook is all about… ugh!

    As you pointed out, there’s Brazil and other countries outside the US that have the potential to impact Facebook growth in a huge way. Thanks for sharing.


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